We Welcomed Our First Guests Last Week

Last week was a busy week indeed for The Captain’s Hideaway. We installed a fence in the cleared area that the power pole went. We moved our camper over to the first site, welcomed our first guests and much more!

Our lovely neighbor to the south had a pile of rocks that needed clearing so let us introduce you to our new and improved fire pit!

Celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary around the fire ❤️

We installed the second power pedestal this past week as we have friends, our second guests, staying with us. The remaining 2 sites will have power within the next week.

The water well has been scheduled and hopefully drilled this week as well. The final big project will be to add some road base to each site and the turn around in the back of the property.

Expected opening in hopefully within the next month. We will let you know as soon as we feel comfortable with a date and open booking.

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We also have an Etsy Shop! All profits go towards the laundry and shower facilities barn we plan on building real soon!

Thanks again and we look forward to hosting you at the Captain’s Hideaway real soon.

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  1. Congratulations on the progress you’ve made. I hope to see you when I come down in June to inspect the work being done on my lot.

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