We Struck Water

The well has been drilled and we are searching for a kiddy pool! (well not really)

After several days of drilling, pouring concrete, waiting for parts to come in, installing the pump, laying pipe and much more, we have water! If only there was a spot for a pool because these almost summer afternoons have been beautiful and we don’t think there has ever been a cloud in the sky.

Traveling Robert, Average Campers and the Lemons over for our first Taco Tuesday 🌮
The pergola is coming along nicely and the raised flower garden bed is almost finished!

Expected “soft” opening is hopefully within the next couple weeks. We will let you know as soon as we feel comfortable with a date and open booking. You will be able to book with us via Airbnb.

Keep a look out for progress on the property here, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram!

There are still many ways you can help us without pulling out your wallets. Simply by liking our posts, sharing, subscribing, following the blog and commenting on everything!

We also have an Etsy Shop! All profits go towards the laundry and shower facilities barn we plan on building real soon!

Thanks again and we look forward to hosting you at the Captain’s Hideaway real soon.

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We explored the area and found ruins of a historic luxury hotel from the early 1900s!

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