The South is Known for BBQ

In our latest stroll to town to run errands, we noticed this food truck in the middle of a field right off the main highway. Rob and I looked at each and realized how hungry we were so we decided to stop. Livingston’s Smokehouse is a BBQ food truck that’s only open Tuesday to Fridays 11am-3pm, and we were lucky they still had chicken around 2:30 in the afternoon.

We both ordered the half chicken and the basic BBQ restaurant sides; baked beans, salad, coleslaw and fries. Racks of ribs and pulled pork sandwiches are also available but we were in a chicken mood. Their facebook shows that there was a mac-n-cheese day so hopefully they will have it on our next visit.

The delicious aroma filled our truck as we drove back to the campsite and we couldn’t wait to dig in!

If you find yourself in the area from Tuesday – Friday then we definitely recommend paying Livingston’s Smokehouse a visit. The chicken tasted great and I really want to know what kind of barbecue sauce they used because it was really tasty. It is safe to say that this BBQ was finger licking good.

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